Poetic creation



It was an intense, contradictory, and literally dark experience, this Gucci show. It was full of glitter and glam, ’80s shoulders, English tweeds, Disney and Sega references, and all the recognizable multi-everything orchestration of retooled vintage with which Alessandro Michele has revived this brand as a powerhouse with global reach. (…)

The exponential growth of Gucci is a phenomenon of our times in fashion; a game changer which is the envy of all luxury competitors. If there’s melancholy, dissonance, and noise in the way Michele put this collection over, well, maybe that’s an accurate reflection of the way the contemporary world feels, too. On the other hand, something else he said in passing reveals exactly the detail-mindedness that has proved such a raging success in every store and duty-free Gucci shop on planet Earth: “I’m trying to push the fact that fashion is full of little things.” by SARAH MOWER - Vogue.com

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