The Punk, the Victorian, the Eccentric



A Gucci fashion show at Westminster Abbey: cue predictable disapproval from British traditionalists—even though the Resort collection was shown in the Cloisters, not in the hallowed Chancel where British monarchs have been crowned for centuries. But this could not have been a more sincere compliment to English tradition, as filtered through the hyper-colored, hyper-eclectic sensibilities of an anglophile Italian. (…) It was a vast, mesmeric show of 94 looks, boys as well as girls, each one of them densely packed with detail, embellishment, and referencing art, interiors, and the piled-up layers of the archeologies of British youth culture and street markets. There were debs in dresses that might have been back-dated to a mother’s coming-out ball in 1970; yobs in stone-washed skinhead jeans; Kensington grannies in printed silk dresses of the Thatcher era; ’90s Spice Girl monster boots and Union Jack sweaters; and a country lady with a padded husky that had somehow crossbred with a gilded, frogged hussar’s jacket. There were kilts, both posh and punk, and that is not even the beginning of an inventory of the items on show.


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