Noah's Ark



Candles flickering beside ancient stone tombs, a line of fire running down the dusty pathway and a church silhouetted against the dying light - that was the atmospheric Gucci Cruise 2019 show, held in the southern French city of Arles. (…) The fact that it had been raining buckets all day in Arles, but the heavens closed just for the length of the show, made it an extraordinary feat on every level. And that’s not to mention the more than 100 outfits, including historic capes, schoolgirl jackets, a bodice made out of bones, wisps of feathers, bouquets of dying flowers, and a sense that mourning regalia had switched from traditional black to pink – as well as the realisation that menswear is in a new, fiery, gender-neutral world. (…)“Alyscamps has a rock’n’roll soul, it has a gothic look, and in the 1700s this place was fashionable to visit,” he explained, insisting in a tumble of show notes that “Alyscamps is a Roman cemetery, but it’s not a cemetery; it was a promenade, then it became a walk in 1700. It is a hybrid place that has several significances.” by SUZY MENKES -

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