As the voice of Jane Birkin singing ‘Baby Alone in Babylone’ from her torrid years with Serge Gainsbourg in the Seventies/Eighties, it suddenly became clear that she herself was singing. It sent a shiver of emotion through Le Palace theatre in Montmartre. The Gucci maximalism has now reached a point when a model in layers of shimmering shocking pink and a vast feather boa looks positively low key. The astonishing line-up of over-the-top maximalism was reinforced by each model walking through the deep-carpet covered stalls ending up all together on the stage. The colours! Grass green, shocking pink and purple everywhere. The shoulders! But drawn in the round as if with a compass - not the severe square of the Eighties. Big hats, huge sunglasses; menswear to the max with a shower of silvered pearls, and a fruit shaped necklace on a sparkling lilac sweater. by SUZY MENKES -

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