Luxury Sweatshirts


MILAN, APRIL 13, 2014

Matteo Menotto showcases his limited-edition sweatshirt line in Milan. Currently based in Milan, the deisgner gained some experience in fashion before landing at Mantero, where he deals with creative research and graphic development for printed and jacquard fabrics. "The project resulted from the need to wear contemporary clothes but still inspired by the heritage of  Italian textile tradition. I tried to create exclusive pieces for a young target, reworking the logic of a mainstream staple like the sweatshirt and combining the urban imagery to the luxury of silk and high-end textiles. Each garment is a one-off, numbered piece, conceived as a countertrend opposing  the logic of serial, large-scale production – explains the designer -  The project is called -8 and in the logo itself I chose to play with my last name, Menotto (‘otto’ means ‘eight’ in Italian).  The same number turned upside down recalls the infinity symbol, a number you cannot count. And also this collection looks like a numeric series."


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