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Gucci’s Pre-Fall collection was presented without the fanfare to which the brand’s global audience has become accustomed. Indeed, it was a rather straightforward affair (…).As always every outfit was treated as a sort of mini story unto itself, as if it were born out of a fashion egg already perfectly formed: styled, accessorized, and ready to fly out of stores at rocket speed. Prominent styles included caftans—the best in exotic, rich brocades—and three-piece printed suits in which blazers were worn over elongated tunics for a new layered silhouette. Overall, the tailoring was strong: sharp-shouldered and slim-fitted with an ’80s flavor. Tweed bouclé was the predominant texture, spongy and supple; it looked delightfully odd printed with the Gucci logo or paired in rather idiosyncratic combos with sequins and chenille.  The lookbook’s images, staged with sloppy-looking tourist-character extras snapping pictures in the background, were shot by director and photographer Harmony Korine in the archaeological parks of Pompeii and Herculaneum, both Unesco World Heritage. by TIZIANA CARDINI -

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